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- Welcome to The CNDCS Canopy Company Voice to Text Service -

The CNDCS Canopy Company employs persons with Hearing and Hearing Loss disabilities

"The best way to reach us is by e-mail - when a person leaves us a voice-mail with an e-mail address the e-mail address does not always translate with the voice to text service translator"

Our Voice to Text services number is: ( 877 ) 573 - 2501

We try and return ALL Voice to Text messages - BUT - if you do not hear back from us via e-mail we may not have understood your e-mail address in the message or we do not carry the product you are looking for

We will not be able to contact you via telephone - but rather by e-mail
80% of people who contact us via the Voice to Text service -  just leave a call back phone number - please leave your e-mail address so we can contact you )

What is Voice-to-Text?  Voice-to-Text simply means the caller leaves a Voice Mail where the computer takes the spoken words and converts to text an e-mail is generated and sent to The CNDCS Canopy. It is important that you leave us as much information in your voice mail as you would write in an e-mail including your e-mail address

CNDCS Wholesale Sourcing, LLC is an equal opportunity employer

"We are very happy to improve our communication through technology - now that we can utilize a full featured Merchant System to run a business

that would have been virtually impossible a decade ago - Clark Anderson"